Monday, October 09, 2006

Lox of Love

I love tomatoes. I'm sure a lot of people do, but since I have an acute potato allergy I feel lucky that my allergy doesn't include all nightshade related plants.

This past weekend I stopped by the Clintonville Farm Market and bought a nice basket of homegrown tomatoes for $4. Wahoo!

I ended up spending 5 hrs of the day cleaning out my garage and was thoroughly famished when I was done. It was getting late and I wasn't about to fire up the stove so i rummaged through the fridge. I found half a log of Silver Goat Chevre, half a package of norwegian salmon, half a red onion. Add to that some capers and a few slices of organic roasted garlic bread and I have the making of some killer new york style lox.

I took a palm-sized tomato, cut in wedges abd liberally applied Kosher salt and fresh cracked pepper. I toasted the bread to just crisp and spread a nice disk of cheese on each piece. Top that with pieces of salmon, paper thin slices of onion and a sprinkle of capers.

Hungry yet? I wolfed that plate down like no tomorrow. Coming up soon I'll show you my version of Caprese Crustini. Enjoy those tomatoes, the season is nearly over.

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Thomas Sommerborne said...

Yo bud! Good so far! My cooking is curretly set to very simple fare and rarely any meat. I was able to tackle lasagna for the first time this weekend (I needed to make 3 for a Rainbow Girls installation) and made 1 beef, 1 sausage and 1 primavera. I made the sauce from scratch (using up some cans of tomatoes I had picked up on sale during the summer). The vegetable one was interesting as I added some smoked paprika to the sauce. People seemed to enjoy it - although 3 was a little ambitious for the first time. Gotta remember to make notes.

Anyhow, I'll look forward to reading further...