Friday, April 20, 2007

Cosentino vs Batali in Battle Garlic

Sunday, April 22, 2007 @ 9:00pm EST/PST
The Food Network

"Chef Chris Cosentino enters Kitchen Stadium for the first time and challenges Iron Chef Mario Batali to a culinary showdown. Will Chef Cosentino's creativity best Iron Chef Batali?" Food Network's Iron Chef America page,1976,FOOD_16696_50398,00.html

Chris is a chef who believes in the use of offal in cooking, and I love eating offal. This past week I was in NYC for the Manny Awards, the "Grammy" of Pharmaceutical Advertising, and had the opportunity to eat at the Stage Deli. I ordered the toungue sandwich and it was awesome. Fall apart tender slices of beef toungue piled 4 inches high on rye bread. Dipped in russian dressing it was heaven. The sandwich also came with 5 or six large dillpickles and a bowl of fresh made cole slaw. I highly recommend the place. Unfortunately, while eating there I missed the chance to sample a foie gras terrine at Maisson right next door. Which means I just need to get back to NYC soon. And I hope to get back to San Francisco to eat at Incanto one of these days. Until then, watch two great chefs battle it out.

For more background on Chris Cosentino visit his web blog, Offal Good.

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